For those of you interested to explore subjects with exceptional depth, access a huge amount of resources and learn skills for an empowered independent life, start a long course!

Be Your Best Academy also offers long courses which are very much a resource-style endeavour where you can explore the sections and chapters that inspire you without any assessments or pressure to meet deadlines or arbitrary 'objectives'. These courses have in-depth text lessons, four to seven chapters, a wide assortment of activities and lots of information to give you a complete holistic understanding of the topic.

Long courses will take you about 40-80 hours to complete, provided you read all lessons and do the activities. However, because you direct the learning and select the chapters and lessons that interest you, long courses take -- as long as they take!  There is no certificate awarded in a long course, because we want our students to feel less pressure to read and do everything, and more freedom to explore the parts that speak to them.

Unless the course itself is structured as a week by week learning system, you will find our long courses are simply 'journeys' into the subject material.

At Be Your Best Academy, we felt that the most important subject to have FREEDOM to explore and reflect upon is relationships.  Second to that, any topics that facilitate positive home life. See what you think about our long courses!

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