This course is designed for neurodivergents who want to get started in the world of cookery. 

Learn the basics of food, explore the kitchen, cook nutritious meals using clear and easy-to-follow instructions (21 recipes included), manage your budget, master shopping outings, and overcome culinary concerns.   

Cooking Basics is a foundation in independent living success.

"Cooking Basics" has twelve chapters split into two sets. The first set of six chapters are texts and activities. Then we have six chapters of 'cooking classes' where, each week, you can learn new skills and build upon the previous lessons.  Videos showing food preparation are also included in this course.

This is a long course which we offer as a self-directed resource - to consume of it what you will. There are lessons and activities covering a range of topics. The course will take a number of weeks to complete, if you were to engage with all the materials fully. However, we recommend you select the areas you want to learn and pace yourself accordingly.

Easy to Follow Recipes

Visual Steps

Course Curriculum

Lesson specifics...

  1. 02
    • Hello and Welcome!

    • Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

    • Learn how to use your student dashboard

    • Why this matters...

    • How to Maximize your Learning

    • Suggested Study Schedule

  2. 03
    • Appendix A: Icons for Learning

    • Appendix B1: Accessibility Support

    • Appendix B2: Accessibility for Wellness

    • Appendix C: Feeling Words

  3. 04
    • For Your Information

    • Kitchen First Aid ***ESSENTIAL LEARNING

    • Glossary of Kitchen Tools (v2)

    • How to Measure Ingredients for Baking

    • How to "Season to Taste"

    • Knife Skills 101 ***ESSENTIAL LEARNING

    • How to Slice and Dice an Onion

    • How to Slice/ Dice/ Mince Garlic

    • How to use a Vegetable Peeler

    • Vegetables: How to Cut and Dice

    • How to Clean Mushrooms

    • How To Peel, Seed and Cut Butternut Pumpkin

    • How to Cut a Bell Pepper

    • How to Core an Apple

    • How to Peel and De-Stone an Avocado

    • How to Clean Leafy Greens like Kale

    • How to Cook with Herbs

    • How to Prepare Chicken Breast

    • How to Knead Shortcrust Pastry

    • (optional video) Should you Bring Meat to Room Temperature before Cooking it?

    • How to Crack an Egg Properly

    • How to Separate an Egg

    • Whipping Egg Whites to Stiff Peaks

    • Whisk By Hand

    • How to Fold in Egg Whites

  4. 05
  5. 06
    • Building Blocks of Nutrition

    • Food pyramids and "the ideal diet"

    • Food Challenges for Neurodiverse People

    • Is This Banana Yellow?

    • More on Colour, Food and Marketing

    • Diet and our Planet

    • Food Sustainability and Me (Activity)

    • The Value of Water

    • Drinking Water Quiz (Activity)

    • You are what you... consume

    • Don't Bother with Bottled Water

    • A mindfulness break... (Activity)

    • That Sweet Stuff!

    • Sugar Quiz (Activity)

    • Salt of the Earth

    • Salt, Seasoning & You (Activity)

    • Positive Steps Forward!

    • References for Chapter 1

    • 5 Reasons to Eat well...

  6. 07
    • How to Set up your Kitchen

    • Necessary Kitchen Tools

    • Kitchen Guidelines for Cooking Success

    • Knife Skills 101 ***ESSENTIAL LEARNING

    • What is a Recipe and Why Use it?

    • Measuring for Cooking Success

    • Cooking Class: Make Pastry *recipe

    • How to knead pastry [Video]

    • Cooking Class: Make Stock *recipe

  7. 08
    • Food and Mood

    • Eating Tryptophan (Activity)

    • Fruit, Leaves, Flowers and Roots

    • Caffeine and Moderation (Activity)

    • Caffiene Quiz (Activity)

    • Food Pairing

    • How Many Pairs Do you Know? (Activity)

    • Flavour vs. Taste (Activity)

    • The Science of Taste, with Jelly Beans (Activity)

    • The Five Tastes

    • Foodie Twins (Activity)

    • References for Chapter 2

  8. 09
    • What's "Mise en Place"?

    • Time Management in the Kitchen

    • Apple varieties - find the tart ones

    • Cooking Class: Make Pie *recipe

    • Cooking Class: Make Soup *recipe

  9. 10
    • A Foodie Origin Story

    • 3 to 6 (Activity)

    • Three Squares?

    • Breakfast Time

    • References for Chapter 3

  10. 11
  11. 12
    • Learning to Budget

    • Shopping on a budget - Step 1 (Activity)

    • Shopping on a budget - Step 2 (Activity)

    • Shopping on a budget - Step 3 (Activity)

    • Temptations and Food Addictions

    • Preparing your shopping list

    • Meal Planning & Budget (Activity)

    • Avoiding Food Wastage

    • References Chapter 4

  12. 13
    • Run Sheets and Managing Time

    • Run Sheet Template in Excel (Activity)

    • Cooking Class: Make Hutspot *recipe

    • Cooking Class: Make Quesadillas *recipe

    • Cooking Class: Make Pan de Higo *recipe

  13. 14
    • Bright Lights, Shopping and You

    • Limits, Restrictions, Barriers (Activity 1)

    • Limits, Restrictions, Barriers (Activity 2)

    • Limits, Restrictions, Barriers (Activity 3)

    • Remedies for Sensory Challenges

    • A Sensory Plan (Activity)

    • Strategies for A Good Grocery Experience

    • Developing Resilience and Independence

    • How Resilient Are You? (Activity)

    • Neurodiverse Resilience (Activity)

    • Enjoy Shopping?

    • References for Chapter 5

  14. 15
    • Neurodiverse Meal Planning

    • My Food Habits (Activity)

    • Ideas from Others in the Community

    • Tips to Meal Plan Well

    • Sensory Exploration and New Food

    • Sensory Exploration (Activity)

    • Cooking Class: Make Salad *recipe

    • Cooking Class: Make Burgers *recipe

    • Cooking Class: Make Cake *recipe

  15. 16
    • Homework is Good Work

    • Self-Love and Food (Part 1)

    • Self Love (Activity 1)

    • Self Love and Food (Part 2)

    • Self Love and Food (Activity 2)

    • Self Love and Food (Part 3)

    • Self Love and Food (Activity 3)

    • Neurodiversity, Food and Self-Love

    • References for Chapter 6

  16. 17
    • Cooking for others

    • Cooking up a Storm

    • Cooking Class: Make Cookies *recipe

  17. 18
    • Congrats! Here's what's next

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

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