Be Your Best Academy recognizes the integral importance of therapy to the neurodivergent population, and the great work therapeutic practitioners undertake to better the lives of their clients.

As such, we have developed a range of materials in single courses, as well as bundles to support your confidence working with this population.

Professional Development

Worksheets and Bundles

Improve client outcomes!

Be Your Best Academy will publish essential collections by Dec 2021. These are specialized bundles specifically designed for therapists to use with neurodivergent populations. 

All bundled worksheets include introductory information about each included worksheet, as well as the therapeutic style and recommended approach for best practice. This means if you're a CBT practitioner (for example), but using a Gestalt activity, you do not need to feel out of your depth.

Our collections will also include resources and a reading list to further your knowledge on the topics. 

The first bundle to be published will suit practitioners working with newly diagnosed neurodivergents, and/ or client experiencing any kind of identity crisis.

Other upcoming worksheet bundles cover the important areas of depression and anxiety management, understanding relationships, and overcoming trauma.