About the Course

This course is designed for allied healthcare workers  who want to learn more about neurodiversity in a clear and in-depth manner. 

In Chapter 1, we cover the origin of neurodiversity and give a few activities to help you reflect further.  We also explain the struggles and stigmas of neurodiversity, with some ways to be respectful to this population.  In this section we also have a downloadable article outlining disclosure in the workplace; the pros and cons.

In Chapter 2, we get into the problems of the medical model, as we cover how to read medical journals and papers with a critical mind. "Go Deeper" sections explore medicalization, history, indigenous needs, problems in research and we also critique the experts.

In Chapter 3, we help you see the benefit of a person-first approach as we unpack the social model of disability, ableism and outline a deeper understanding of challenges and issues the neurodiverse community faces.  In the sections "Go Deeper" we provide strategies for therapists and for community works. At the end of this chapter we also offer "A Conclusive Summary" which summarizes the course and gives tips and tricks to best support a neurodivergent population. 

Course Curriculum

Lesson Specifics...

  1. 01
  2. 02
    • Neurodivergence is human

    • Think Differently (Video)

    • Judy Singer and Neurodiversity

    • What is High-Functioning Autism? (Activity)

    • Your Thoughts on Neurodiversity (Activity)

    • Go Deeper: Deficits and Strengths

    • Simple Ways to Avoid Patronizing Speech

    • Go Deeper: Stigma & Ableism

    • Chapter 1 References

  3. 03
    • Barriers of the Medical Model

    • Go Deeper: Medicalized Bodies

    • Go Deeper: Indigenous Healthcare

    • How to Read Critically

    • Go Deeper: Problems in Research

    • Go Deeper: Critiquing the Experts

    • Chapter 2 References

  4. 04
    • A Social Model of Disability

    • People Centred Care Matters (Activity)

    • Go Deeper: See the Person

    • Mild vs Severe Disability? (Activity)

    • Go Deeper: Strategies for Psychologists, Counsellors & Psychotherapists

    • Go Deeper: Strategies for Community Workers

    • It's Time for Change: Autism & Healthcare

    • A Conclusive Summary

  5. 05
    • Before you go...

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Need to Know


This is only a short course, so while we have tried to give ample resources and reading materials, it may not reach all your individual needs as a healthcare practitioner.  

It will take a few hours for you to complete this course, depending on how much material you wish to engage with.

If you would like a more condensed version, a presentation at your company, to learn more about building a neurodiverse ecosystem or need support to set up a neurodiversity program at your company, please reach out to us via email: [email protected].