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Be Your Best Academy are an e-learning social enterprise with a 100% neurodivergent team and we create personal and professional development courses for adults who identify as neurodivergent. 

We founded the venture in 2018 in response to community need.

Recognizing that many neurodivergent people have amazing talents and brilliant minds, yet their skill sets are not rounded, we decided to get to work!

Our desire for relevance was essential. There was nothing to 'benchmark' though. Looking around at course materials aimed at neurodivergent adults, we spotted many issues:

1) A clinical psychologist wrote or taught the subjects;

2) The language used was highly medicalised, stigmatised and deficit-focused;

3) Tokenism employed to give a false image of equity;

4) Learning outcomes were essentially, "to fit in" and "be neurotypical".

We decided to stand apart from these ideas, and create a curriculum to the revolutionize neurodivergent experience.