When you study at Be Your Best Academy, you always have a friendly person to talk to. 

Be Your Best Academy offers a range of supports to help our students achieve.

Accessibility in Learning Materials

Be Your Best Academy provides a range of accessibility options in all lessons and subjects, from adjusting contrast to text-to-voice options, we encourage you to take control of your learning.  In addition, we strongly believe in the provision of disability support services to assist your studies and our helpful team can guide you through any concerns or challenges in signup, signing in, enrolment or course progression.

Diagnosis Service & Personal Counselling

Students of Be Your Best Academy are able to connect with a counsellor through our mental health partners, at subsidized cost to discuss any personal, professional or study concerns that they may experience.

Learn more about our friends at RTN, who offer these services!.

Career and Job Coaching

Students can seek help from Be Your Best Academy career coaches to explore job pathways and opportunities.

Community Study-Support Blog 

With articles submitted and written by our students, teaching team and other staff, The Best Self Blog offers a unique way to stay relevant with Be Your Best Academy research and news, as well as to gain tips and tricks to help you study!

> Check out the blog here.

Free Mindfulness Training

Be Your Best Academy values the positive benefits of mindfulness for the neurodivergent population.  As such, we support our enrolled students providing them 'special members access' to a free mindfulness training course which facilitates greater calm, increased focus and renewed ability in managing anxiety.

> Check out the course here.

Financial Help

Depending on your personal circumstances, you might also be eligible for NDIS disability services funding – a form of government financial help for neurodivergent people in Australia.

> Learn more about NDIS Claims (External Link)