Who we are

Be Your Best Academy is a brand owned by Untapped Holdings, an HR firm in Melbourne. Untapped Holdings is involved in autism recruitment. The visionary behind The Academy is Autumn O'Connor, a courageous autistic person who felt to support inclusion, Untapped Holdings should embrace the philosophy "Nothing For Us Without Us". Her calls were heard, and Be Your Best Academy was born in 2018.

We are now a world leader in neurodiversity education as we have a strong advocacy approach to learning and a 100% neurodivergent team.

Be Your Best Academy has Employer networks and Educational friends across the globe, so we are developing a positive reputation for quality courses, engaged students and successful outcomes among our Alumni. We iterate and update courses to meet research-based findings, so that we stay relevant.

Our Mission

We create personal and professional development courses for adults who identify as neurodivergent.  Be Your Best Academy's mission is to develop a holistic curriculum of lessons, readings, and activities for neurodivergent students by welcoming the strong authentic voice of our neurodivergent teachers alongside peer-reviewed literature.

Our Vision

Be Your Best Academy is dedicated to student success. We seek to expand our students' minds, to give them skills to think critically and engage in their world... while also supporting their neuro-divergence. 

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Meanings Matter

We Nurture Depth of Thought

We create subjects at Be Your Best Academy that have depth and encourage reflection. This is because we care about how our students think and understand their world. We put self-awareness at the heart of our work.

In the design of our logo we kept this same notion. 

The main symbol of our logo is designed to appear like a flower, but on closer inspection you can see hands reaching in towards the word "be".

"Being" is an essential part of finding your confident Self; "being" comfortable with who you are, living and "being" in your neuro-divergent experience, your talents, your challenges -- all the amazing things that create YOU.

Just as when you develop your self-awareness and grow as a person, you will reach inward on the journey, it is also worth reflecting that once you have looked inside yourself, a more beautiful YOU emerges - like a flower.

We encourage our students to really embrace the materials and activities in each course, and to welcome all the feelings that may come up... because we know that these steps into self-awareness build success in life, and our neurodivergent peers deserve all the good we have to offer.