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being authentic person-centered life skills what-we-do

being authentic person-centered life skills what-we-do

Authentic Advocacy

We embrace the slogan, 'Nothing For Us Without Us'. Be Your Best Academy are a group of talented professionals who are proudly 100% NeuroMinorities!

Therapeutic Outcomes

Coursework follows a psychosocial approach, combining our lived experience perspectives with strong evidence-based research for meaningful learning.

Why study with us?

  • AUTHENTIC. NeuroMinorities develop the courses.

  • REAL. We include lived experience sections.

  • PRACTICAL. Courses are relevant to daily life struggles.

  • RESEARCHED. Materials are valid and referenced.

  • IMPACTFUL. Gain deep self-knowledge as you learn.


Access great courses, engaging essays, helpful video lessons, and inspiring activities.

Disability does not need to be synonymous with struggle.

Build upon your current skills and learn new ones!

Why we started this neurodiversity school...

Be Your Best Self


    Being disabled means we often do not 'pick up' life skills in childhood, so we may never learn how to be organized, present well, make friends or manage our money- even though those are essentials in life. To know these things gives us greater opportunities for success.


    Research tells us that not having life skills can severely affect well-being. Since NeuroMinorities like autism, ADHD, SLDs and dyslexia often experience co-existing mental health issues, we wanted to encourage empowerment and a positive quality of life through tailored education.


    The more practical skills you know, the better equipped you are in new or unfamiliar situations. Our curriculum teaches coping and resilience skills, while also drawing on the innate "smarts" our student already possess. We increase your self-knowledge so you can keep on shining.

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What others are saying...

“I feel I got some self analysis. I still feel like my organisational skills are not all that bad, though perhaps I do need to focus more on one task as opposed to multi-tasking. This course has been a good reflection that the tools I already have in place to assist me are working (and recommended)!”

Organizational Basics

Ali M

“I'll admit - I got given this as a free course from my university advisor, with the summer coupon, and I didn't expect much. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the refreshing writing and learning more about PERMA and resilience. I actually watched the whole video by Fred it was really interesting! I rate this course 4 out of 5 stars.”

Positive Psychology

Steven Sadler

“The first course I did spoke to me. It was written quite beautifully and thoughtfully. When I got to the part on executive functioning, it was helpful to know that my struggles are not uncommon and that I was doing the right things to help myself”

Executive Functioning


“Self Development helped me realize the importance of not using Asperger’s as an excuse to be unmotivated or pessimistic about life in general. It is, however, challenging to take responsibility for one’s life. The self-care section was mainly common sense that I already know, but when doing the activities, it made me realize that I have difficulty disciplining myself to put self-care into practice. On the positive side, I am doing a pretty good job of eating well, getting regular exercise, regular exposure to sunlight, and regular meditation.”

Self Development


“This has given me a broader insight into the world of neurodiverse people. The challenges and stereotypes that don't always support this cohort in our work and life spaces. Overall, I really engaged and got a lot out of this course, it has reconfirmed some of my ways of thinking and opened me to other ideas and concepts. ”

Neurodiversity for Managers

Jennifer M

“Getting diagnosed with autism was really confronting for me - would i be know to everyone as "disabled" or "wrong"? But when i found out about this course through my college, i was glad that i am with this diagnosis. It's not something i should hide or be embarassed about. I'm just different to other people, and i like how i was given lots of information and resources so i can find my "tribe" and learn to love my autistic me more.”

Newly Diagnosed: Autism

Anna Gregory

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you keep saying 'disabled' and 'NeuroMinority', instead of 'neurodiverse'?

    We are trying to be accurate. The definition of Neurodiversity is "the virtually infinite neuro-cognitive variability within Earth’s human population." - if you want to read more on this, we recommend Judy Singer's blog. As such, we use terms of disabled and NeuroMinorities to best describe a range of divergent people including (but not limited to) autistics, ADHDers, people with Tourette's, SLDs, etc.

  • What results can I expect from your courses?

    The more you do the activities, the better your results will be. You will feel more confident in your neurodivergence. Your self-awareness increases, enabling you greater control over your emotions, stress, anxiety and depression.

  • What qualifications do you have to teach these courses?

    Our work is based on lived experiences that are strongly grounded in scientific research. The editor is also qualified as a psychotherapist, so the activities have a therapeutic slant. We also did a pilot study in 2018 to see whether our courses are actually worthwhile... and the test population said YES!

  • What payment methods?

    We accept credit cards, Paypal and Stripe.

  • What devices do the courses work on?

    Computer, tablet, mobile phone.

  • *How much do the courses cost?

    You can signup to access all our single-subject public courses for as little as $29.95 a month. Or, you can choose to buy each course separately.

  • What is a single subject public course?

    The courses available under categories, Organizational Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills, Eat Well, My Career, Relationship Matters and Money Minded. The programs: Independent Living in the Community, Professional Work Ready and Best Practice in Neurodiversity hold their own price structures and are not considered single subject public courses.

  • Where can I see your courses?

    Click on the tab "For individuals" (from June 2021) and the tabs "Corporate" and "Therapists" (from Oct 2021).


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