we develop life skills courses for our neurodiverse peers

100% neurodiverse.

All our course materials are developed, designed, written and illustrated by a completely neurodiverse team. We proudly operate under the banner of "nothing for us without us".

100% researched.

All our course materials are well-researched, drawing on a combination of lived experience and evidence-based studies, peer reviewed literature and articles with bite.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) Are you really all neurodiverse?

    Hell yeh. This was something we simply could not do without. I mean, what's the point of designing a course for neurodiverse adults and not being neurodiverse yourself? We feel that's unethical and misleading.

  • 2) Do your courses suit autistics with "severe" symptoms?

    To understand the course materials, we recommend you have a diagnosis of the severity "Level 1" or "Mild" in your neurodiverse experience. This is because you will need to have solid English skills, including reading and understanding. We really want to reach our peers in Level 2, 3 and beyond, but this is a future focus. Concepts are clear in the courses, but if you're really worried about being able to understand the work (and not get "thrown" by seeing referencing), try a mini course or write to us to get a course designed specifically to your needs. We know some of our peers are not great at reading and struggle with words, and we do have video transcriptions in the pipeline. Also, non English-speakers, we are looking into translations for our courses.

  • 3) What makes you think I can learn from you?

    Good question! Well, we research everything that we produce, so it's not a string of our hokey opinions. We also did a pilot study in 2018 to see whether our courses are actually worthwhile... and the test population said "yeh, this is cool". We edited and changed the courses in line with the feedback and everyone on the team stands by our work. We also have a HUGE range of different writers and artists on staff; some of us have university degrees, some of us don't. We bring our knowledge and diversity. We cover LGBTIQA+ peoples, also various ethnicities and cultures. We have binary and non-binary people, and everyone has different neurodiversities, so we bring a wealth of experience across the board.

  • 4) What's up with the prices?

    We decided to make these courses cost money because we are trying to be a sustainable business :) We also made the prices for courses affordable to reach our peers who are currently on welfare payments. Even if you're struggling financially, you ought not be restricted from self development. We do have some free courses available and short courses if you want something more "snack sized" and cheap.

  • 5) Are the prices in US dollars?

    Nope, we've set them to Australian dollars. If you need to figure out your exchange rate, we recommend using the currency converter at www.xe.com

  • 6) Are all your courses really really really long?

    On this platform, it shows our "Originals" courses as being really long, with lessons ranging from 70 to 200. We understand that's scary to read, but we assure you that the lessons are short and digestible. We wanted to make each lesson fun and engaging, so they don't require pages and pages of reading or such. If you get started on the courses, you'll find yourself whipping through the lessons with ease.

  • 7) Are your courses accredited?

    At the moment, we are not affiliated with a particular university and our courses do not give accreditation to any tertiary learning. However, each course is worth your time for personal and professional development. We are currently in talks with some organizations to make our courses part of their 'induction to work' and we also have been in communication with some governmental departments to make these courses part of disability training.

  • 8) Can I expect more courses 'coming soon'?

    Yes! We are constantly developing new courses and getting feedback to make specialized designs for both businesses and individuals. If you want to see a particular course, please get in touch and let us know!

  • 9) I want to work for you, or be part of things. How do I get in touch?

    We love that you're inspired! To contact us, please email: info@beyourbest.academy and make your subject line something memorable :)