Whether you’re ready to leave high school, excitedly transitioning into work, preparing for college or just simply wanting to upskill at any age, Be Your Best Academy has a course for you.

Be Your Best Academy offers a large range of courses to suit your neurodivergent needs. We have short courses, topic refreshers, micro-credentials and workshops.

Enrol today and join hundreds of students each year who study with Australia's leading neurodiversity school, led and operated by a 100% neurodivergent team.

Browse our range of course subjects to find the one that will shape your future. Gain help at home, develop your leadership skills, explore personal wellness and relationships, grow your study confidence or perhaps learn how to be work ready, to kick-start your career. 

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Types of Courses

With so many helpful courses to choose from, we have a qualification that will meet your needs and upskill desires.  When you enrol with Be Your Best Academy, you can choose to specialize your skills by completing a series of subjects to form a 'Mastery' level, or you can select individual courses from across our range, to design a personalized learning experience.

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Ways to Study

Be Your Best Academy is here for you, and we offer course materials aligned to your lifestyle and pace.  Welcoming flexible study options including mentor-led study, online study, and self-directed (study at your own pace), you can get the skills and knowledge for lifetime success.

Shaping New Tomorrow's

Be Your Best Academy is not just another e-learning platform that leaves you without direction once you have that completed certificate.  Instead, our Mastery pathways offer growth and opportunity for future learning. We also have connections to Employers and Universities, so if you want specific help, you can contact any of our Team to guide you to a career direction of your dreams.

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