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Be Your Best Academy is a leader in quality personal and professional development courses for neurodivergent adults.

Our team is 100% neurodivergent, passionate for education and learning.  They each bring their own unique perspective of the world, their lived experience, and personal achievements.

We believe the diversity among our team enhances our connection to our students, and assists us to create materials that are relevant in today's world.

Our values are:

  Deliver awesome
 We are proud of the products we deliver because they inspire the imagination and exceed expectations.  


Pursue growth
 We are driven to learn and to develop in both personal and professional ways. We are always striving to read, expand our minds, and grow. 


Be passionate
 We are here because of our unique talent and the 'fire in our belly' to do something meaningful. 

Care and give back
 We believe in 'doing good' and act as stewards of the future. We understand the value of education and will do our part to make the world a better place.  


Welcome vulnerability
 We understand that the best teams are ones where we can be authentic and share our REAL lives, dark sides, and all. We are vulnerable and open with each other, and welcome this as a beautiful aspect of being human.