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At Be Your Best Academy, we believe true independence and confidence in the world involves being yourself and respecting your 'truth'. 

This is why we chose to develop courses that support our students' needs and their desires to be their best -- not to arbitrarily try to fit into the skin of society.

Our curriculum: 

  • Created in entirety by neurodivergent professionals;
  • The language we use is conversational, inclusive and strengths-focused;
  • Equity features at the centre of our work, with lived experience quotes given place and activities provided to aid reflective practice;
  • A strong arm of research underpins lesson plans;
  • Learning outcomes are based in skills-development and self-efficacy.

Our mission is to empower neurodivergent people to realize their strengths and talents, to be their best selves in the workplace.

We achieve this by designing holistic course subjects for neurodivergent students that capture workplace needs, draw on the strong authentic voice of our neurodivergent teachers, and apply peer-reviewed literature.

Our vision is to expand our students' minds, to give them skills to think critically and engage in their world... while also supporting their neuro-divergence.