Course Mastery gives comprehensive knowledge and skills.

Be Your Best Academy has two core mastery sequences which we consider comprehensive learning. You do not need to undertake the subjects in numbered order, but some do have prerequisites.

The fields you can gain a Mastery in are: Organizational Skills and Emotional Intelligence. Each series consists of a number of subjects, which require full completion, meeting all criteria. Thereafter, students can apply to Be Your Best Academy  to complete the final capstone project course. 

The full competency of subjects found in the Mastery sequences equip our students with deeper knowledge of their chosen Mastery field, and the ability to implement relevant practical strategies in personal and professional spheres to successful outcomes. 

Benefits of the Mastery are wide and far-reaching. Students who work on each subject, giving their best in all lessons and activities develop greater confidence and self-awareness. The capstone project gives students an opportunity to showcase their understanding of the Course materials, demonstrating their knowledge. Students will also receive a downloadable certificate for each of their individual course subjects, and a Formal Certificate presenting their Mastery details.

Organizational Skills Mastery Sequence 

This sequence consists of 6 subjects which all have final quizzes that must be passed with 80% + 1 project capstone.

1) Organizational Basics: The Power of Context

2) Executive Functioning: Your Brain Being Organized

3) Time Management Skills: Get Things Done! 

4) Planning and Productivity: Achieve More!

5) Order for the Chaotic Mind: Calm in Your Mind

6) Beat Procrastination: Priorities and Focus

CAPSTONE: Case Study Report

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Emotional Intelligence Mastery Sequence [COMING SOON]

This sequence consists of 9 subjects which all have assignments and final quizzes that must be passed with 80% + 1 project capstone.

1) Understanding Emotions

2) Emotional Resilience

3) Positive Psychology

4) Achieving Goals

5) Conflict Resolution

6) Managing Change

7) The Power of Influence

8) Empowered Leadership* 

^ this leadership course is only available to students who have successfully completed 'The Power of Influence'

9) Self Awareness

CAPSTONE: Reflective Essay

If you're thinking, "Wow, a Mastery sounds hard!" - you are right.  A Course Mastery *is* hard. It's meant to be.  That way, when you complete it, you will have a strong sense of pride in all that you have achieved.

Gaining a Mastery sequence is the pride of Be Your Best Academy, as we feel it truly has the power to change your life!