In this course we describe relationships, love and intimacy. 

Love & Intimacy will help you develop healthy love relationships and intimacy with others. You will learn the myths of romance, how to bolster self-image, the importance of touch, communication and much more. 

With lots of resources, learning texts, videos and activities! 

This is a long course which we offer as a self-directed resource - to consume of it what you will. There are lessons and activities covering a range of topics. The course will take a number of weeks to complete, if you were to engage with all the materials fully. However, we recommend you select the areas you want to learn and pace yourself accordingly.

It's time to learn about LOVE!  


6 Chapters covering essential knowledge for exploring love, intimacy and new relationships!

What You Will Learn

Chapter 1. Explore relationships in greater detail, as we unpack romantic love, fantasy bonding, and seeking belonging. What obstacles might hold you back?

Chapter 2. Learn the value of self image, body image, sexuality and sensuality. 

Chapter 3. Examine touch, consent and enjoyment in all its facets. Do you understand the different types of touch?

Chapter 4. Expand your awareness of what a healthy relationship looks like and how to create one. Can you spot toxicity in your relationships?

Chapter 5. Uncover the importance of communication and understanding how those around you communicate. We look at Chapman's Love Languages and there are plenty of activities to learn more about conflict resolution, body language and how to communicate your needs. 

Chapter 6. Take a moment to integrate your learning from this course as you think about behavioural decisions. How do you act at home vs. in public? You are given two activities in this chapter including some base reading. 

Course Curriculum

Lesson Specifics...

  1. 02
    • Hello and Welcome!

    • Learn how to use your student dashboard

    • Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

    • Why this matters...

    • How to Maximize your Learning

    • Why Study Relationships?

  2. 03
    • Appendix A: Icons for Learning

    • Appendix B1: Accessibility Support

    • Appendix B2: Accessibility for Wellness

    • Appendix C: Feeling Words

  3. 04
    • What is Gender Identity? Which one am I?

    • What is Sexual Identity? Which one am I?

    • Could I Be a Lesbian? (Masterdoc)

    • Conversation Starters For Friendship, Dating, and Beyond

    • What Is Okay In Relationships

    • What Isn't Okay In Relationships

    • Difficult Disclosures: Sexual Trauma

    • A Man's Guide to Supporting a Female Rape Victim

  4. 05
    • What is Intimacy?

    • What Is Intimacy To You? (Activity)

    • The History of Relationships

    • Towards Emotional Intimacy (Activity)

    • Modern Views of Relationship

    • Playing Cave (Activity)

    • References for Introduction

  5. 06
    • Introduction

    • Why Relationships? (Activity)

    • Why have Relationships? /What It Feels Like

    • Love Like in the Movies

    • Monogamous, Hetro, Married, Stereotype!

    • Romantic Ideals

    • Romantic Love (Activity)

    • Fantasy Bonding in Neurodiverse People

    • Video: Breaking a Fantasy Bond

    • A Fantasy Bonding Conversation (Activity)

    • What keeps us from connection...

    • Uniquely Me (Activity)

    • Barriers to being accepted

    • Overcoming the Barriers #1

    • Working On Yourself (Activity)

    • Overcoming the Barriers #2

    • Finding the "Right" Person

    • Conclusion

    • References for Chapter 1

  6. 07
    • Images of Intimacy

    • The Secret to Intimacy: The Science of Love (Activity)

    • ‘A Sense of Self’

    • My Self (Activity)

    • Discovering Your Sexuality

    • Sexual Identity (Activity)

    • Loving Your Body

    • Body Image Inventory (Activity)

    • Body Shaming - It's Not You

    • Steps Toward Body Care (Activity)

    • Body Wisdom

    • Body Scan (Activity)

    • Views of Self to Others

    • Conclusion

    • References for Chapter 2

  7. 08
    • What is Touch?

    • Types of Touch

    • Types of Touch (Activity)

    • Neurodiversity and Touch

    • My Sensitivities (Activity)

    • An Introduction to Consent

    • Variations of Consent

    • Respect and Consent (Activity)

    • **Content Warning**

    • What is Non-Consensual Touch?

    • **Another Content Warning**

    • Touch after Trauma (Activity and Text)

    • Conclusion

    • References for Chapter 3

  8. 09
    • Relationships that are "good" for us

    • Shared Values (Activity)

    • Unhealthy relationships

    • Respect and Love (Activity)

    • Respect and Loyalty

    • Trust and Faith

    • My Commitments (Activity)

    • Commitment and Focus

    • Intimacy and Gentleness

    • On The Other Foot (Activity)

    • Empathy and Kindness

    • Chores cause conflict. Try managing them like this instead. (Video)

    • Roles and Equality

    • A Healthier Connection

    • Awareness of Imperfection (Activity)

    • Conclusion

    • References for Chapter 4

  9. 10
    • Languages of Love

    • What's My Love Language? (Activity)

    • The Love Languages in Detail

    • Communication for Healthy Bonds

    • Facing Some Conflicts (Activity)

    • When we Disagree...

    • Keys to Conflict Resolution

    • How to Resolve a Conflict with Kindness

    • Assertive Communication (Activity)

    • Conclusion

    • References for Chapter 5

  10. 11
    • Homework is Good Work

    • Public vs Private: What's Appropriate?

    • Proper Connections (Activity)

    • How Couples Appropriately Express Themselves in Public

    • References for Chapter 6

  11. 12
    • More resources for you

    • Can you give us some feedback?

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