Packed with resources, videos, and thoughtful activities, this course is designed for neurodivergent adults who want to learn more about dating, relationships and romance.

Learn where to meet people, how to attract quality partners, what happens on a date (and to be your best on that date!), how to build closeness in a relationship, manage rejection, and much much more.

This is a long course which we offer as a self-directed resource - to consume of it what you will. There are lessons and activities covering a range of topics. The course will take a number of weeks to complete, if you were to engage with all the materials fully. However, we recommend you select the areas you want to learn and pace yourself accordingly.

 It's time to explore the world of dating!  

6 Chapters covering extensive knowledge for navigating the world of dating, whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned explorer!

Why Do This Course?

  • Equips you with the tools for successful dating

  • Covers topics you really want to know

  • Suitable for any gender or sexuality

  • Easy-to-understand language

  • Written by Neurodivergents, just like you

What You Will Learn

Chapter 1. Discover your journey into romance. What traits or qualities are looking for and does your personality impact who and how you date?

Chapter 2. Start dating with authenticity. Learn about intimacy: physical and emotional, and how to spot untrustworthy people.

Chapter 3. Understand the Dating Game: What happens on a date? How do you flirt? What about being neurodivergent?

Chapter 4. Explore all the amazing ways you can connect and meet people!

Chapter 5. Uncover the importance of mental health in dating, learn how to discuss issues with a partner. We also introduce disclosure and consent.

Chapter 6. Make it official as you learn the various steps to making a relationship serious, including meeting family and friends, moving in together, marriage (or not), and raising a family (of children, or pets)!

Course Curriculum

Lessons Specifics...

  1. 02
    • Learn how to use your student dashboard

    • How to Maximize your Learning

    • Why Study Relationships?

  2. 03
    • Appendix A: Icons for Learning

    • Appendix B1: Accessibility Support

    • Appendix B2: Accessibility for Wellness

    • Appendix C: Feeling Words

  3. 04
    • What is Gender Identity? Which one am I?

    • What is Sexual Identity? Which one am I?

    • Could I Be a Lesbian? (Masterdoc)

    • Understanding Dating Terms used Online [External Link]

    • Conversation Starters For Friendship, Dating and Beyond

    • Exploring the Notion: Love at First Sight

    • What's Not Okay in Relationships

    • What Is Okay in Relationships

    • Difficult Disclosures: Transgender Identity

    • Difficult Disclosures: Sexual Trauma

    • A Man's Guide to Supporting a Female Rape Victim

  4. 05
    • What is Dating?

    • A Good Partner (Activity)

    • Definitions and Purposes of Dating

    • Knowing Yourself Matters

    • Knowing Your Needs (Video)

    • References for Introduction

  5. 06
    • Introduction

    • But wait - Are You Ready? (Activity)

    • Newcomers to the World of Dating

    • Dating for "Seasoned Explorers"

    • Does Personality Impact Dating?

    • What is your OCEAN? (Activity)

    • Honesty and Humility

    • What is your personality in HEXACO? (Activity)

    • What is Attraction?

    • How to Be More Attractive (Activity)

    • Are Neurodivergent Partners Attractive?

    • My Dream Date (Activity)

    • Fantasy, Expectations, and Wants

    • Who should you date? [External Link - Quiz]

    • Conclusion

    • References for Chapter 1

  6. 07
    • Introduction

    • The Best Me: How and Why Authenticity Matters (Video)

    • Masking and Authenticity

    • Intimacy = Connection

    • Steps to Lasting Connection (A4 Poster)

    • Emotional Intimacy

    • Towards Emotional Intimacy (Activity)

    • Physical Intimacy

    • Towards Physical Intimacy (Activity)

    • Further Closeness (Activity)

    • Challenges to Intimacy

    • Signs of Inauthenticity

    • The True and False Self (Video)

    • Conclusion

    • References for Chapter 2

  7. 08
    • Introduction

    • What Happens on a Date?

    • Finding Clarity #1 (Activity)

    • How to be a "Good" Date

    • What is Flirting?

    • Finding Clarity #2 (Activity)

    • More Uncertainty...

    • Finding Clarity #3 (Activity)

    • Dating Challenges - Is it Worth It?

    • Finding Clarity #4 (Activity)

    • More Relationship Goals [External Link]

    • Conclusion

    • References for Chapter 3

  8. 09
    • Introduction

    • Stop "Looking" for Love

    • Stop looking for Love (Activity)

    • Where To Meet?

    • Tech Connect (Text and Activity)

    • Doing it Fast (Text and Activity)

    • Shared Moments (Text and Activity)

    • Closer to Home (Text and Activity)

    • The Daily Grind (Text and Activity)

    • Growing Up (Text and Activity)

    • Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll (Text and Activity)

    • A Helping Hand (Text and Activity)

    • Where to meet comparison table (Resource)

    • Conclusion

    • References for Chapter 4

  9. 10
    • Introduction

    • Lessening Mental Health Issues

    • Maintaining Myself (Activity)

    • Disclosing your Neurodiversity

    • When To Tell #1 (Activity)

    • When To Tell #2 (Activity)

    • Sexual Boundaries, Dating, and Consent

    • The Ins and Outs of Consent (Video)

    • How Long to Wait to Have Sex? (Video)

    • What is Rejection?

    • My Rejection Story (Activity)

    • Learning From Rejection (Video)

    • Why End a Relationship?

    • Lived Experiences/ What It Feels Like

    • 99 Things to Do After a Breakup [External Link]

    • How to Make a "Clean Break"?

    • How to Cope with Being "Dumped"

    • Taking a Moral Inventory (Activity)

    • Conclusion

    • References for Chapter 5

  10. 11
    • Introduction

    • Meeting the Friends (Text and Activity)

    • Meeting the Family

    • Moving In Together (Text and Video)

    • Are You Ready to Move in Together? [Article: External Source]

    • Why Get Married (or not)?

    • Commitment Ceremonies [External Source]

    • Kids or Fur Babies?

    • Conclusion

    • References for Chapter 6

  11. 12
    • Can you give us some feedback on the course?

    • More resources for you

    • Good Wishes to You!

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