Are you wanting to move out of the parental home, or try living independently, but you lack confidence to "adult" well?

This course is designed to teach core skills associated with living independently, and to provide students a HUGE amount of resources to make the process easier. 

Students who fully engage with this course may find it takes them about 40 hours to complete.  We recommend using the course like a resource and only engaging with the materials relevant and/ or interesting to you.

Why choose this course?

  • Practical, useful, researched topics

  • Lots of pictures, posters and diagrams

  • Activities to help you learn

  • Written by neurodivergents, like you

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What You Will Learn

Chapter 1: Friends

Learn what a friend is, how and where to meet people, and gain confidence in forming friendships, whether at University, College, Work, or in the Community.

Chapter 2: Housing

Prepare yourself for house-hunting, interviews, packing up when you move home, and cleaning a home, ready for a rental inspection.

Chapter 3: Food

Explore the basics of nutrition, food shopping, and easy meals. With visual details of common kitchen appliances and advice for managing sensory challenges of shopping.

Chapter 4: Chores

"Level up" your cleaning skills as you learn the best way to do be organized, tidy and maintaining a home that is calm as you master chores! 

Chapter 5: Self Care

Unify your study with our final chapter on self-care and wellness. Gain confidence in personal cleanliness, keeping active, mindfulness, financial well-being and routines for daily life.  

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Course Curriculum

Lesson Specifics...

  1. 01
    • Course Outline

    • Learning Objectives

    • Meet your Teachers and Contributors

  2. 02
    • Introduction

    • Do You Really Need Friends? (Video Activity)

    • Breaking the Ice

    • Childhood Friends (Activity)

    • Video: Friendship Soup

    • Friendship Soup (Activity)

    • The Plight Without Friends

    • Reach Out (Activity)

    • Where to Make New Friends

    • Friendship Boundaries (Activity)

    • A Wonderful Bond

    • Finding Balance (Text and Activity)

    • Asserting my Needs (Activity)

    • Conclusion

  3. 03
    • Introduction

    • What is a "Good" Housemate? (Text and Activity)

    • Video: Messy Housemates

    • Living with Friends or Strangers?

    • Where Do You Want to Live? (Activity)

    • Where to Look for a Share House

    • Asking about a Share House Room (Text and Downloadable Resource)

    • Preparing for a Share House Interview (Text and Activity)

    • How to Find a Private Rental Property

    • Securing a Private Rental Property (Text and Downloadable Template)

    • *Information about next lesson*

    • Are You Ready to Live Independently? (Quiz)

    • Preparing for a Move (Text and Downloadable Resources)

    • The Most Epic Moving Checklist Ever [External Link: We Love This!!]

    • How to Pack for a Move

    • Packing Guides [External Link: Helpful Resource]

    • Choosing Transportation

    • A Calm Moving Day

    • A "Homely" Home (Text and Activity)

    • Rental Inspections (Text and Activity)

    • Common Problems when living with Others (Text and Activity)

    • Conclusion

  4. 04
    • Introduction

    • Nutrition Matters

    • Fun Food Personality Quiz (Activity)

    • Shopping vs. Sensory Concerns

    • _Do you have Sensory Challenges? (Non-Diagnosing Quiz)

    • _Managing Acoustic Sensations

    • _Managing Visual Sensations

    • _Managing Olfactory Sensations

    • _Managing Temperature Changes

    • _Managing Social Interactions

    • _Managing Unpredictability and Change

    • ___How Resilient Are You? (Activity: External Quiz)

    • Neurodivergently Loving Shopping

    • Why Cook?

    • My Food Habits (Text and Activity)

    • Cooking up a Storm; Cleaning Up the Mess

    • Cooking Class: Make Pastry *recipe

    • How to Knead Shortcrust Pastry

    • Cooking Class: Make Pie *recipe

    • Cooking Class: Make Pasta *recipe

    • Cooking Class: Make Burgers *recipe

    • Cooking Class: Make Salad *recipe

    • Conclusion

    • Appendix 1: Understanding Oven Symbols

    • Appendix 2: Understanding Kitchen Tools

  5. 05
    • Introduction

    • Order and Tidiness

    • Washing Up

    • _ Dishwashers

    • __Dishwasher Settings

    • Dishwasher Kitchenware (Poster)

    • _Handwashing Dishes #1

    • _Handwashing Dishes #2

    • Tips to Clean without Sensory Overload

    • Laundry

    • _Timing the wash

    • Sorting my Laundry (Text and Activity)

    • _Handwashing Clothes (Text and Poster)

    • _Laundromats

    • Laundromat Preparation (Activity)

    • Cleaning Rosters (Activity)

    • Conclusion

  6. 06
    • Introduction

    • What is Self-Care? (Activity)

    • Video: Self Care Isn't "Instagrammable"

    • Self Care in Relationships

    • The Value of a Daily Routine (Text and Activity)

    • Preparing for Work/ Study (Text and Activity)

    • Winding Down after Work/ Study (Text and Activity)

    • Being Calm (Text and Activity)

    • Being Clean (Text and Activity)

    • Being Active (Text and Activity)

    • The Cost of Living (Text and Activity)

    • Budget for Life (Text and Activity)

    • How to Choose a Bank

    • Understanding Savings: Just in Case!

    • Conclusion

  7. 07
    • More resources for you

    • Please share your thoughts on this course

    • References for the whole course

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