This mini course is designed to teach and evaluate neurodivergent individuals in organizational self-management. Specifically, you will learn and understand the causes of procrastination, and develop strategies to cope.

This is a mini course that will take you about 20-25 hours to complete, should you engage with all the materials fully.

No particular background or training is needed prior to taking this course.

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Define procrastination and its causes
  • Gain confidence and clarity over personal fears (that restrict focus)
  • Understand the difference between goals and values
  • Apply values to goal setting
  • Learn how to prioritize tasks
  • Recognize personal procrastination style
  • List ways to overcome procrastination

3 Chapters covering specific information and strategies to manage and 'beat' procrastination!

Course Curriculum

Lesson specifics...

  1. 01
  2. 02
    • Appendix A1: How to Maximize your Learning

    • Appendix A2: Icons for Learning

    • Appendix B1: Accessibility Support

    • Appendix B2: Accessibility for Wellness

    • Appendix C: Feeling Words

  3. 03
    • The Almost Irresistable Problem

    • Quiz: What Kind of Procrastinator Are You? (Activity)

    • Is Procrastination Common?

    • Causes of Procrastination

    • Taming the Procrastination Monster!

    • Research v. Neurodivergent Perspectives

    • Video: Procrastination Professor (Activity)

    • Strategies for PDA [Optional Reading]

    • Chapter 1's Takehome Message

  4. 04
    • Goals for Fulfilment

    • What If? (Activity)

    • Explanation of What If Activity

    • Defining Goals

    • Goal Setting when Depressed (Text and Activity)

    • Understanding Values

    • Assessing Your Values (Activity)

    • Creating the World Anew (Activity)

    • Self Love and Values

    • A Neurodiverse Personal Plan (Activity)

    • Values & Goals - Part 1 (Activity)

    • Values & Goals - Part 2 (Activity)

    • Chapter 2's Takehome Message

  5. 05
    • Priorities Matter (Text and Activity)

    • What was the answer?

    • How to Set Priorities (Activity)

    • Strategies for the Novelty Seeker

    • Frogs (Optional Activity)

    • Strategies for the Fiddler

    • Pickles (Optional Activity)

    • Strategies for the Analyst

    • Quadrants (Activity)

    • Chapter 3's Takehome Message

  6. 06
    • For Your Information

    • Eat That Frog (Poster)

    • Pickle Jar (Poster)

    • References for Entire Course

  7. 07
    • Check your Knowledge: Final Quiz

    • Final Takehome Message

    • More resources for you

    • Good Wishes to You!

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