This mini course in Executive Functioning is designed to teach and evaluate individuals in developing basic organizational skills, while celebrating their neurodivergence. 

No particular background or training is needed prior to taking this course. 

This is a mini course that will take you about 20-25 hours to complete, should you engage with all the materials fully.

We highly recommend keeping a journal whilst undertaking this course.

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Define Executive Functioning
  • Understand the relationship between neurodiversity and the brain
  • Gain understanding of personal histories
  • List types of Executive Functioning issues
  • Recognize personal challenges
  • Gain understanding of the 'meta' concept
  • Apply 'meta' framework for mindfulness
  • Apply remedies to improve Executive Functioning 

Three chapters exploring the brain and its executive functions, neurodivergence and identity, and strategies to improve challenges you may face in daily functioning.

Course Curriculum

Lesson specifics...

  1. 01
  2. 02
    • Appendix A: Icons for Learning

    • Appendix B1: Accessibility Support

    • Appendix B2: Accessibility for Wellness

    • Appendix C: Feeling Words

  3. 03
    • For Your Information

    • Executive Functions List with Pictures (PDF Reference)

    • References for Entire Course

  4. 04
    • Self Knowledge

    • Who Are You? (Activity #1)

    • Definitions Matter

    • Who are the NeuroMinority Brains?

    • Clearing up Some Misconceptions [External Article: Optional Reading]

    • What is Executive Functioning?

    • The Brain's Control Centre (Video and Activity)

    • Knowing Weaknesses and Strengths

    • Personality and Executive Functioning

    • What is your OCEAN? (Activity)

    • Executive Functioning Precursors

    • Who Are You, again? (Activity #2)

    • Chapter 1's Takehome Message

  5. 05
    • The Road to Action

    • Preparing to Detect

    • Specific Challenges in Executive Functioning (Text and Activity)

    • How Neurodivergence Helps and Hinders

    • Neurodivergence as Remedy (Activity)

    • Meta Matters

    • Metacognition and Meta Awareness (Activity)

    • **Note on Next Lesson**

    • Exploring Thoughts and Emotions [Video: Optional Activity]

    • The Growth Mindset: Neuroplasticity, Neurogenesis and Change

    • A Solutions Framework

    • Strategies for an Organized Mind (Activity)

    • Chapter 2's Takehome Message

  6. 06
    • Mastering Your Meta

    • How to Visualize Clearly And Effectively (Video)

    • Part 1: Meta Meta Meta

    • Part 2: Executive Meta

    • Part 3: Savvy Self

    • Part 4A: Order and Memory

    • Part 4B: Mnemonics

    • Part 5A: Imagination

    • Part 5B: M M G G O F R F I (A) P

    • **Important Note**

    • Part 6: Confidently Me!

    • Part 7: Reflections

    • Part 8: Meta Magic

    • Chapter 3's Takehome Message

  7. 07
    • Final Takehome Message

    • Final Quiz: Check your Knowledge

    • Final Quiz: Apply your Knowledge

    • More resources for you

    • Can you give us some feedback on the course?

    • Good Wishes to You!

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