This extended course in Emotional Resilience is designed to teach and evaluate individuals in emotional self management through exploring accountability, responsibility and confident coping mechanisms.

No particular background or training is needed prior to taking this course.

We do recommend you keep a journal to make reflections in whilst undertaking this course.


Believe in Your Strengths:

  • Understand the difference between responsibility and accountability

  • Realize learned helplessness and overcome it

  • Apply self-care strategies with impact

  • Recognize sensory triggers and apply personalized remedies

  • Develop an empowered attitude towards 'difficult emotions'

4 engaging chapters helping you gain greater confidence to navigate your emotions and build positive interpersonal skills.

Course curriculum

What you'll be learning...

  1. 01
    • Learning Objectives

    • Meet the Contributors

    • Therapeutic Disclaimer

    • Learn how to use your student dashboard

  2. 02
    • Appendix A: Icons for Learning

    • Appendix B1: Accessibility Support

    • Appendix B2: Accessibility for Wellness

    • Appendix C: Feeling Words

    • References for Course

  3. 03
    • Directing the Ship

    • Captaining Skills (Activity)

    • Responsibility and Emotions

    • A Sailor at Sea - Part 1 (Activity)

    • Responsibility and Behaviour

    • A Sailor at Sea - Part 2 (Activity)

    • Responsibility and You/ Lived Experience

    • Chapter 1's Takehome Message

  4. 04
    • Our Learned Views

    • Feeling "Helpless"

    • Seligman's Experiments (Video)

    • Learned Optimism activity

    • Trauma & Victimhood

    • Optimism in the Face of Trauma

    • Who is in Control?

    • Fortune Tellers (Activity)

    • **Optimism Quiz**

    • Optimistic Action

    • A B C to Optimistic Change (Text & Activity)

    • Chapter 2's Takehome Message

  5. 05
    • Ship’s Maintenance

    • The unspoken truth about self-care (Optional Reading: Article)

    • Thriving Responsibility (Activity)

    • **Self Care Quiz**

    • Basic Self Care

    • Environmental Wellness

    • Troubled Waters and Calm Seas (Activity)

    • *Exercise Quiz**

    • Sensory Bottles (Video and Craft Activity)

    • Chapter 3's Message

  6. 06
    • Out of the Harbour

    • Sensory Challenges and Denial Awareness (Activity)

    • Is Shame holding you back?

    • Emotional Responsibility and Shame

    • What Shame Feels Like/ Lived Experiences

    • Understanding this feeling (Activity)

    • How is this a Guiding Light?

    • Finding Purpose and Growth (Activity)

    • What Problems of Shame?

    • Healing your Shame, Finding your Gain

    • My Secondary Gains (Activity)

    • Chapter 4's Takehome Message

  7. 07
    • Final Quiz: Check Your Knowledge

    • Final Takehome Message

    • More resources for you

    • Can you give us some feedback on the course?

    • Good Wishes to You!

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