Developed during the COVID crisis of 2020, this Lockdown Survival Pack offers engagement and reflection. 

The pack contains over 300 pages of engaging texts, activities, recipes, craft projects and colouring-in pages to help calm and inspire you in these trying times! 

Don't get stuck in the haze of being 'locked in'.

Shift your mindset

We understand this is an unusual time for everyone, so we have compiled some great resources, activities and thought-provoking text to help you navigate this crisis with greater ease.  This survival pack will suit parents with children aged 12-17, and may also be fun for adults (18+)

Activities are designed to both encourage a sense of calm and mindfulness, but also to help you navigate any challenges you may face.  Some activities may help you a lot and others may help you very little.  We offer a range of activities and texts so that you can choose what helps you.

The text is written with an informed voice and activities are fun for young and old. Parents may like to curate the emotional learnings on fear and consumerism, and help children with advanced syntax.

We have plenty of relevant activities and interesting texts in this mini course; we hope that you find the work inspiring and uplifting.

In this 'lockdown survival pack' you will find three main sections:

1. Managing Mental Health

  • Exploring anxiety and fear with activities to help you clarify threat and risks
  • Texts and activities looking at the media and consumerism
  • Researched texts and therapeutic activities to manage anxiety

2. Developing Strategies to Cope

  • Developing a self-care mental health crisis plan
  • Colouring-in activities to practice mindfulness
  • Craft activities to make a zine, door hanger, poster of happy sounds, papercraft mushrooms!
  • Extra resources and links to find more papercraft resources
  • An activity to figure out who you can count on
  • Researched and evidence-based activities to promote calm

3. Stay Home: Eat Well

  • Introduction to healthy eating and cooking skills
  • A foodie quiz
  • Three recipes for lunch or dinner, meat and vegan-friendly - picture cards and text
  • Activities for children to learn more about good food
  • Options to manage food scarcity
  • Researched texts about food, wellness and health

Course Curriculum

Lesson specifics...

  1. 01
    • How to use this learning system

    • What to expect in this Pack?

    • Meet your teachers and contributors

  2. 02
    • Coping with Change

    • Media : The Problem

    • Media Consumption (Activity)

    • Be Gentle with Yourself

    • Media: The Solution

    • Mapping my Anxiety (Activity)

    • Figuring out my Anxiety

    • Understanding my Fear (Activity)

    • Overreactions and Me (Activity)

    • Purpose of Exploring Anxiety

    • References for Part 1

  3. 03
    • Mindfulness and Release

    • A mindfulness break... (Activity)

    • Printable "Creativity & Joy" Pack

    • Printable "Be Calm" Pack

    • Papercraft Resources

    • Self-Care Crisis Plan - for Wellness

    • Helping Hands (Activity)

    • References for Part 2

  4. 04
    • Eating for Wellness: An Introduction

    • Fun Food Personality Quiz (Activity)

    • Models of Wellness

    • Lockdown Cookbook with Food Activities

    • References for Part 3


Carey Benier

5 star rating

“Very informative, clear and the activities are helpful in clarifying thoughts, the cookbook has lots of easy to follow directions, is interesting and practical”

“Very informative, clear and the activities are helpful in clarifying thoughts, the cookbook has lots of easy to follow directions, is interesting and practical”

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