This mini course is designed for neurodivergent people who have recently experienced a loss like a death of a family member, friend, pet, transitional object, or other significant loss experience.

This course was written to help you unpack your emotions in a safe space, to process the change, validate your experience, and offer some activities to encourage positive remembering and wellness.

What to Expect

We developed this course to help you manage the concerns, sensations and mixed emotions you may be having in response to your experience of loss. The course has three short chapters with a range of activities that you can choose whether or not to complete.  

Chapter 1: The Power of Loss discusses "what is grief?" and explores the grieving process including stages of grief and explanations of how your experience may vary.

Chapter 2: Experiencing Emotions unpacks the symptoms of grief, including physiological and emotional, as well as introducing complex and complicated grief. We also explore dreams and how your brain processes change.

Chapter 3: Care and Support offers you a range of resources and ideas to process the grief and work towards a calmer more balanced 'you', including exploration of self care options and grief counselling.

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Hello and Welcome!

    • Meet your teachers and contributors

    • Learn how to use your student dashboard

  2. 02
    • What is this feeling?

    • Grieving is a Process

    • Memories and Gratitude (Activity)

    • Conclusion

  3. 03
    • Express the feelings

    • Common Symptoms of Grief

    • The Feeling Wheel (Activity)

    • Grief vs. Depression

    • Breathing Calm (Activity)

    • Myths of Grief and Loss Debunked!

    • Grieving Someone You Didn't Like...

    • Video: Understanding Complicated Grief

    • How Do I Cope? (Activity)

    • Weird Dreams and Shifting Awareness

    • Common Dream Themes

    • Managing your Dream States

    • Sleep Hygiene (Activity)

    • Importance of Ritual

    • Personal Grief Ceremony (Activity)

    • Conclusion

  4. 04
    • Why Self Care Matters

    • My Support Network (Activity)

    • The Importance of Grief Counselling

    • Getting Help

    • Conclusion

  5. 05
    • Please share your thoughts on this course

    • References for the whole course

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