Are you ready for a new job? Want to put your best self forward? 

This short course provides the skills and knowledge you need to be confident in the workplace. Here is a quick summary of the chapters in the course:

Chapter 1: A good impression.

To get started with this course, we focus on understanding how a company's personal values and goals can bring a greater sense of motivation at work. 

Chapter 2: Smart on the Job.

This chapter explores professionalism, and how to do your best at work. We also speak about the importance of policy and procedure documents, and how to understand business resources. 

Chapter 3: Stress Management. 

To maintain a work-life balance it is also important to understand how to keep workplace stress under control. Through mindfulness and regulating emotions, and a breathing exercise, we have given you some helpful times on managing potential burnout. 

Chapter 4: Challenging Circumstances.

Finally, we really address the empowerment and betterment of neurodivergent individuals in the workplace, by placing emphasis on disability rights, self-advocacy and accommodation.

Benefits for Neurodivergents

  • Increase your career confidence

  • Realize your values and goals for success

  • Understand workplace etiquette and professionalism

  • Manage stress levels and stave off burnout

  • Learn how to talk to your supervisor and get heard

  • Develop confidence expressing your needs at work

  • Become your best personal advocate

What You Will Learn

Lesson specifics...

  1. 01
    • Course Outline

    • Learning Objectives

    • Meet the Contributors

    • Learn how to use your student dashboard

  2. 02
    • Aligned Missions

    • My Mission Aligned (Activity)

    • Defining Goals

    • Defining Values

    • Goal Setting & Working SMART (Activity)

    • Assessing My Values (Text and Activity)

    • Aligning Values, Taking Action

    • Exploring my Value Domains - Part 1

    • Exploring my Value Domains - Part 2 (Activity)

    • Conclusion

  3. 03
    • Professionalism at Work

    • Personal Reflections (Activity)

    • More on "Being Professional"

    • Policy and Procedures

    • Policy and Procedure (Activity)

    • Following Rules and Routines

    • Sky-Rocket to Success at Work (Video)

    • Helpful Scripts to Connect with Colleagues

    • What is "Oversharing"? [External Link]

    • Going "Above and Beyond" (Text and Activity)

    • Conclusion

    • Chapter 2 Mini Quiz

  4. 04
    • The Ins and Outs of Stress

    • Work Crisis Plan (Activity)

    • Pressure, Deadlines and Stress

    • What is "Burnout" at Work?

    • Are You Feeling "Burnt Out"? (Non-Diagnosing Quiz)

    • Burnout Warning Signs

    • How to Talk to Your Manager about Burnout (Resource & Activity)

    • What Causes Burnout?

    • Preventing Burnout (Text and Activity)

    • Recovery from Burnout

    • Count, Breathe, Relax | Cookie Monster and The Count on Mindfulness (Video)

    • Conclusion

    • Chapter 3 Mini Quiz

  5. 05
    • Be a Self-Advocate!

    • Rights and Accomodations

    • A Neurodiverse Personal Plan (Activity)

    • Advocacy and Disability Rights in the Workplace [Video]

    • Handling Performance Reviews

    • How to React to a "Bad" Review? (Downloadable Content)

    • Uh Oh, What Now?

    • Conclusion

    • Chapter 4 Mini Quiz

  6. 06
    • Final Takehome Message

    • More resources for you

    • References for the whole course

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