Have you just been diagnosed as dyslexic? 

Feeling a bit raw in your feelings? Confused, bewildered, surprised? Or simply seeking more information about this "new you"?

Then you've come to the right place!


Forge a strong identity as a neurodivergent person in this mini course designed specifically dyslexics, with audio files in each lesson so you don't need to rely on reading everything!

This is a mini course that will take you about 10 hours to complete, should you engage with all the materials fully.

Explore neurodiversity, diagnosis, your strengths, find connection in your tribe, and learn how to embrace your uniqueness. 

This course has been co-created by the Dear Dyslexic Foundation to ensure quality materials and research. 

Since they are the leading organisation in Australia for changing the world of dyslexics through storytelling, we're so pleased we can share you all this course in our curriculum!

What You Will Learn

Chapter 1 is "Understanding my Diagnosis"where we look at your diagnosis, explaining what dyslexia is, the advantages and disadvantages of being dyslexic and we have a few activities to help you understand yourself as "a dyslexic person".

Chapter 2 is "Finding my Tribe" and we explore the importance and way to make connections with other dyslexic people. An activity here explores 'masks' and being authentic.

Chapter 3 is called "Living My Authentic Life" and this chapter looks at self love, confidence, mental health and how to live your authentic life as a dyslexic person. We also have activities here to build your self-awareness.

Finally, we end with "Resources", where we offer a list of helpful organizations that may provide you support, social connection and more information about dyslexia.  You will see we have added in some ideas for those living in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and USA.  We also have a list of apps for dyslexia.

Meet your Teachers...

About the Writers

Shae Wissel is a writer on this course. Shae is a qualified Speech Pathologist with a master’s degree in Public Health and Health Administration. Her passion for working in public health and empowering people with dyslexia led her to establish the Dear Dyslexic Foundation.

Shae is deeply passionate about advocacy and dyslexia. As a Doctoral Candidate with La Trobe University, she is researching the impact of dyslexia in the workplace. This topic is important to her as Shae has worked extensively over the last 14 years in the health sector as a clinician and manager. 

She is also an author, podcaster and keynote speaker. Her book, "The Hobo CEO, A Year in the Life of a Dyslexic Social Entrepreneur" has #1 Amazon Best Seller status, which describes her approach to work and life. Check it out HERE!

Writing on this course was meaningful for Shae because she is a dyslexic herself, and has both seen and experienced first-hand, the challenges those with dyslexia can face. Shae understands the impact dyslexia has on education, employment and quality of life. 

Dr Judith Hudson is also a writer on this course. At work, she is a Chartered Psychologist, Assessor, Author and Researcher. Her research interests lie in special educational needs.  Specifically, in supporting people with congenital developmental disorders such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism.

Dr. Hudson is an Associate Adjunct and visiting academic to the School of Education at the University of Tasmania.  Dr Hudson is also a PhD supervisor for the University of Tasmania and for Flinders University, in South Australia.

As a retired specialist teacher, Dr. Hudson remains driven in advocating for teacher education, to improve teaching methods for children with dyslexia, and 'specific literacy and learning' difficulties. Dr. Judith Hudson has also written and taught modules for post graduate study in Australia, on the topic of ‘Educating students with dyslexia and learning difficulties’.

Dr. Hudson sits on the Board of 'Square Pegs Dyslexia Support Group', based in Tasmania and is also a dyslexia Ambassador for this group. 

Her interest, study and passion for all things dyslexia spans some 40 years. With a husband and grandson who are both dyslexic, she reflects, "I am constantly amazed at their achievements in life!"

Course Curriculum

Lesson Specifics...

  1. 01
  2. 02
    • On Diagnosis (Audio + Transcript)

    • Quick Quiz: How much do I know? (Activity)

    • What is Dyslexia? (Audio + Transcript)

    • Observable Difficulties (Audio + Transcript)

    • Share My Experience (Optional Activity)

    • My Challenges (Audio + Transcript + Activity)

    • Co-Occuring Conditions (Audio + Transcipt)

    • Video: The Gift of Dyslexia

    • My Dyslexic Strengths (Activity)

    • Video: Faces of Dyslexia

    • *Information about upcoming Activity*

    • Colour Perception Quiz (Activity)

    • What Your Diagnosis Means (Audio + Transcript)

    • Gaining Clarity (Activity)

    • Takehome Message (Audio + Transcript)

  3. 03
    • Making Connections (Audio + Transcript)

    • Dyslexic Communities (Audio + Transcript)

    • The Masks We Wear (Activity)

    • Takehome Message (Audio + Transcript)

  4. 04
    • Self Love and You (Audio + Transcript)

    • What is Self Care to Me? (Activity)

    • Labels, Stigma and Dyslexia (Audio + Transcript)

    • Confidently Me (Activity)

    • What Good You Have (Audio + Transcript)

    • Am I Really "Fine"? (Optional Activity)

    • Strategies for Self Care (Audio + Transcript)

    • Self Love and You (Audio + Transcript)

    • Mindfulness Practice (Audio, Transcript + Activity)

    • Takehome Message (Audio + Transcript)

  5. 05
    • Introduction to Resources (Audio + Transcript)

    • Australia - Organizations that can help

    • New Zealand - Organizations that can help

    • Canada - Organizations that can help

    • United Kingdom - Organizations that can help

    • United States of America - Organizations that can help

    • Useful Apps for Dyslexia (Audio + Transcript)

    • References for Entire Course

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