This course teaches the art of persuasion in leadership.  Being able to influence others is a core leadership skill that allows you to drive change, rally others around a common goal and unique vision. 

This course explores many aspects of influence including the 'dark side' and the positive ways to lead. You will learn your personal style of influence, how to identify manipulative techniques, and how to be credible with your power to influence others for good.

No particular background or training is needed prior to taking this course, however we do recommend undertaking 'Empowered Leadership' alongside or after this course as builds on the learning attained here.

We highly recommend keeping a journal throughout this course, to record your reflections, ideas, thoughts, and answers to activities/ questions.

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Learning Objectives

    • Meet the Contributors

  2. 02
    • Appendix A: Icons for Learning

    • Appendix B1: Accessibility Support

    • Appendix B2: Accessibility for Wellness

    • Appendix C: Feeling Words

  3. 03
    • Resource Pack

    • References for Entire Course

  4. 04
    • Introduction

    • What is Influence?

    • Are Autistics Better at Avoiding Sneaky Marketing Tricks? [External Link]

    • How Social Aspects of Influence Affect Us [OPTIONAL ACTIVITY]

    • Influencing the Masses (Video Activity)

    • Critical Thinking

    • Ready Your Mind (Activity)

    • How did you go?

    • The Dark Side of Influencing

    • Navigating 'Snake Oil' Salesman

    • If it's too good to be true... (Video Activity)

    • Techniques for Dark Influence [image break]

    • Recognizing Neurolinguistic Programming (Activity)

    • Emotional Contagion [spot]

    • The Advertising Industry and COVID19 [Optional Reading]

    • Contagious Ideas (Activity)

    • Identifying Contagion (Video Activity 1)

    • **Trigger Warning with Upcoming Activity***

    • Identifying Contagion (Video Activity 2)

    • Explanation of Contagion Activities [banner]

    • Chapter 1's Takehome Message

  5. 05
    • Introduction

    • Responsibility vs. Security [2 spots]

    • How Leaders Influence Us

    • Corruption and Power [banner]

    • Call out Corruption (Activity)

    • Inspirational Leadership [4 small spots, one for each heading]

    • Toward the Future (Activity)

    • Driving Positive Change [spot, lead through example - abstraction, perhaps?]

    • In Memory of... (Activity)

    • Chapter 2's Takehome Message

  6. 06
    • Introduction [banner]

    • 7 Principles of Influence

    • Principles 1, 2 [banner linking principles 1 and 2 together in novel way]

    • One Thing for Inclusion (Activity)

    • Principles 3, 4 [banner linking principles 3 and 4 together in novel way]

    • Who to Believe? (Activity)

    • But, Wait! (Activity)

    • Principles 5, 6 [banner linking principles 5 and 6 together in novel way]

    • Experiment with this! (Activity)

    • Principle 7 [banner of principle 7, can be an expansion of your earlier spot]

    • My Unified Life (Activity)

    • Making Friends (Activity)

    • Some Thoughts...

    • Chapter 3's Takehome Message [spot]

  7. 07
    • Leading with Integrity (Final Activity) - [spot for leadership]

    • Reflections

    • Good Wishes to You! [spot]

    • Can you give us some feedback on the course?

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