Organizational Skills

(Gender Fluid, 40s, Autism)

“Organizational Skills Foundations was the first course I did and it spoke to me. It was written quite beautifully and thoughtfully. The discussion of the four planning types: strategic, operational, tactical and contingency was new to me. I can see how this would be useful in business, as well as everyday life. When we got to the part on executive functioning, it was helpful to know that my struggles are not uncommon and that I was doing the right things to help myself”.

Self Development

(Male, 30s, Aspergers)

"The course in Self Development helped me realize the importance of not using Asperger’s as an excuse to be unmotivated or pessimistic about life in general. It is, however, challenging to take responsibility for one’s life. The self-care section was mainly common sense that I already know, but when doing the activities, it made me realize that I have difficulty disciplining myself to put self-care into practice. On the positive side, I am doing a pretty good job of eating well, getting regular exercise, regular exposure to sunlight, and regular meditation."

Emotional Intelligence

(Female, 20s, ADHD & Autism)

"My personal experience doing this course on Emotional Intelligence was an extremely helpful, validating and engaging one. The course really sets the scene with the content clearly laid out- well researched and articulated. Having the description of emotions depicted as metaphors allows there to be elements of visualisation which makes talking about emotions that much easier (since I struggle with identifying emotions in general, but I am a very visual person). The course has a different take and perspective on emotional intelligence- a wider perspective- that encourages me to see my emotional difficulties as a difference rather than a defect. I loved being able to be ‘a detective in my own case’- gives me a sense of autonomy, individuality and validation. Overall, this course taught me a lot and helped me obtain strategies to sail smoothly through the emotional turmoil I have been grappling with- and continue to make more progress to reach my mental health goals."

Developing Strengths

(Female, 30s, Dyslexia & Autism)

"I loved much of this course in Developing Strengths, but my most favourite bit was learning about identity and finding my real version of ME. The was so powerful. I think the part explaining stigma was helpful and I felt validated and understood. The chapter on asserting boundaries was of greatest importance to me personally as I have some bad trauma histories. It was nice to see this topic touched on with a genuine gentleness and depth of kindness."

Achieving Goals

(Male, 20s, Autism)

"The thing I was most surprised that I learned and liked learning in this course on Achieving Goals was part about social media and the power of reactions. That strongly felt word use leads to strong felt responses, and that this priming occurs in the brain, so we of course can’t even really help it when we get all frenzied about a topic. I knew the bit on SMART goals, but I thought the way they presented the topic was by far more engaging than i've ever seen it done. I enjoyed as well the chapter and homework activity all about questions. I was thinking about this recently and was talking over the Prime 5 with my brothers. It is a good idea and I liked how logical it was."