Teaching Philosophy

What we believe in...

WE MAKE UPSKILL COURSES that denote you capable! The lessons teach practical knowledge while also helping you uncover unconscious elements that influence your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour regarding your skills development. We highly recommend our NeuroMinority students continue seeing their psychologist/ counsellor/ therapist/ pastor whilst undertaking coursework, so they have more support to process and reflect. While some activities may feel challenging, we are confident that they will teach you new skills, expand your mind and inspire you.
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Therapeutic Reflexive Learning

Core Tenets


    We encourage students to explore their world through self-awareness and curiosity. Learning is self-directed and independent, drawing on reflective activities, keeping journals, and 'action' research.


    We recognize life is full of different experiences, and welcome the unique perspectives, identities and culture each person brings. Lessons are sensitive to minority and accessibility issues.


    We follow a strengths-based framework that considers the impact of and response to personal trauma. Engagement with our courses promote emotional and psychological empowerment.