About Us

Being our best

Be Your Best Academy are a 100% neurodivergent team, and we create personal and professional development courses for adults who identify as neurodivergent. 

Our name stands for self-efficacy. It is not about being 'the best'. We only encourage you to be *your* best. Your best self. That's where success lies.

At BYB, we pride ourselves on having a strong arm of research, while also valuing the lived experience perspective. Course materials are fully researched and referenced. And they also are designed for a neurodivergent mind.

We embrace diversity by fully recognizing our team members' experience and seeing them - not as people with disabilities or people who identify as XYZ- but as people
It is perhaps easier to be completely accepting when everyone is neurodivergent, yet we think this way of being authentically inclusive is so enriching for all.

Our Mission

What we aim for!

  • Self-Empowerment

    We reject the idea that being a NeuroMinority means you are 'stuck' in trauma. We work to empower the neurodiverse person.

  • World Acceptance

    We reject the notion that inclusivity is impossible. We work to educate organizations and therapists in acceptance of difference.

  • Lessons in Integrity

    We reject the approach of marketing to promote guilt-driven consumerism. We work to create quality programs that you can trust.

Our Team

Who are we?

Some of our writing staff...

We also employ a range of NeuroDivergent artists, each who have a unique style and background, which adds colour and style to the curriculum...

More on Us

We are diverse, and proud of it. Here are few charts about everyone at Be Your Best!

Thoughts from Staff

What is it like working here?

Before I began to work [here], I was 6 months into my Psychology Degree... I was studying and volunteering in the field of Accounting, where I felt very out of place and misunderstood. 

As a Neruodivergent individual I had many fears, and always felt like an outsider- no matter how much I tried. My depression and anxiety grew worse day by day... But then this Company opened so many doors for me, and I am so very grateful to be apart of such a wonderful and inclusive organisation. 

I did some of the courses that revolved around Organisational Skills and Emotional Regulation [and they] helped give me some in depth insight to my challenges- in a kind and thoughtful manner. Without such insight I would not have grown to this degree and sought out extra help. Now I have multiple strategies in my toolkit to get me through obstacles. Honestly, if I didn’t address my executive functioning challenges, I might have dropped out of my University Degree. Instead, I have around 2 months left to complete my bachelor’s and cannot wait to immerse myself more into such a rewarding field. 

I am very grateful to my boss for providing so much opportunity and constructive criticism. I will readily take more on board as I continue and strive to be ‘my best self’.

~Niru, Copywriter and Subeditor

I have an education background, so working here as a writer has been a great addition to my working life and the biggest blessing, in more ways than one. 

I feel like I have reignited a passion for writing that had been overlooked for several years. I have found a real sense of pride and confidence in myself, in areas even I wasn’t familiar with. 

The feedback from editors has both challenged and encouraged me, and I have learnt so much. I feel like the [work]culture here meets people where they are at.

~Anon, Copywriter

I am proud to work here.  Although I am the person who developed this curriculum at Be Your Best, I needed someone else to believe in me - to give me a chance.  I am deeply thankful to the owners of the Academy for the opportunities I have been given. 

Having been a highly qualified person - with a history of struggling to hold ongoing employment, it was amazing to be "seen" when I applied to work here. I got my autism diagnosis later in life, so I never truly understood why I had so many issues at work (and in making friends). 

Since I joined the Academy in 2018, I am impressed with all we have achieved. Not only do I feel more confident in my own abilities, but Be Your Best is supporting others too. We are doing GOOD for the world... and that matters a lot to me. 

We reach many NeuroMinority adults, helping them to feel good about their skills, and better themselves in new ways. We also offer a safe space to work; I search for and hire talent from across the autism spectrum, those with ADHD and dyslexics. Each person brings certain challenges, but also immense enthusiasm and desire to work hard and shine. 

~Autumn, Executive Editor