About Us

100% Neurodiverse Team

Be Your Best Academy is a group of neurodiverse adults determined to design a good curriculum of life skills learning materials for our peers. We are aware that life skills programs and courses are essential to the well-being and positive quality of life for neurodiverse populations. Alas, most of the courses out in the world are not written, researched or curated by neurodiverse people. As such, a lot of the skills and strategies offered have a "disorder" and "needing to fix yourself" sort of feeling. All the materials on Be Your Best Academy are created by neurodiverse people, who are paid for the work they do. We embrace advocacy and are proud to be contributors in this curriculum. We hope our peers feel respected by us, enjoy the courses, and can be confident in knowing we care.

More on our writers, editors and artists

Writers, Current:

  • Peter M is the subeditor at BYB and is a talented spoken-word poet. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communication. Peter was diagnosed with autism at the age of two.
  • "Anonymous" holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Teaching. She is an autistic mum and experienced school teacher. One our most treasured and talented writers who has taken the name "Anonymous"!
  • Emma M has a first class honours degree in Psychology and is currently completing a Masters in Psychology (Clinical). She has a diagnosis of major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD and hypothesizes she may also be autistic.
  • Lauren holds three degrees: a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in Anthropology, a Bachelor of Science in Palaeonthroplogy and a Master of Science in Forensics. She is autistic and has depression, complex PTSD and a panic disorder.
  • Alysia is a neurodiverse Education and Sociology graduate and American expat, living her best life and speaking truth to power on the Canadian prairies. 
  • Dee is a qualified Justice of the Peace and is currently undertaking a Bachelor's degree in Social Work. She is neurodiverse. 
  • Janet is a psychology researcher, Honours student with ADHD; she is an advocate for diversity, workplace inclusivity, and healthy relationships.
  • Gabrielle is neurodiverse a poet and writer.  She has published two poetry books and has a PhD in creative writing.
  • Tischa-Leah has a Bachelor's in Psychology (Honours) and is currently finishing her Master's thesis on in Rehabilitative Care.  She is autistic.
  • Erin holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Human Rights. Erin is a writer. Erin has autism, dyscalculia and dyslexia.
  • Alisa holds a postgraduate Certificate in Case Management and Client Assessment, and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and International Relations. Alisa is a writer. She is neurodiverse.
  • Peter K holds a postgraduate degree in Creative Writing.  He is a writer. Peter has Asperger's.
  • Niru is currently finishing her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She also holds a diploma in Accounting. Niru is a writer, much loved . She has diagnoses of autism, ADHD and complex PTSD.
  • Zoe holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She is diagnosed with autism, anxiety and complex PTSD.
  • Kaya holds a Bachelor's Degree in Design. They are a writer. Kaya has autism and hyperlexia.
  • Romy C holds a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing. She has autism.
  • Freya holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies/Gender, Sexuality & Diversity Studies). She proudly graduated as the top student in her BA cohort. She is a writer, media officer and artist. Freya is autistic, has a chronic illness and anxiety.
  • Rebecca is a neurodiverse science writer and author with a B.A. in Communications who is passionate about mental health, inclusive spaces and communications for culturally and linguistically diverse audiences.
  • Faiza has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology. She is a writer. She has ADHD and anxiety conditions.
  • Aastha is a budding writer, currently completing a Bahelor's Degree in Journalism. She is neurodiverse. 
  • Romy D holds a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and lots of experience as a peer mentor. She is neurodiverse.
  • Alicia holds an Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts and has studied acting. She is a writer, producer, photographer and artist. She is a neurodiverse person with an anxiety condition.
  • Tichafa has studied International Studies and Sociology. She is a writer. She has Asperger's.
  • Christy is an autistic mum, author, and blogger who has been admitted to legal practice and published in print and online for the past 27 years.
  • Joel has an almost complete certificate in Disability Studies. He is a community worker. Joel is a neurodiverse person with an anxiety disorder.
  • Josh M is a talented writer and a copy editor from Texas. He is autistic.
  • Ashleigh is a neurodiverse art curator and journal editor with a B.A. and a Masters in Arts and Cultural Management, currently studying Creative Arts and Health. 
  • Josh C is a writer, performer, and educator from Naarm/Melbourne with ADHD, with a background in media, linguistics, and sociology.

Writers, Past:

  • Sheri holds an almost complete PhD in Philosophy, and a Masters and Bachelor's in Philosophy. She is a researcher. Sheri is autistic.
  • Holly is currently finishing her Bachelor's with Honours in Psychology. She is a researcher. Holly is autistic.
  • Ashlea holds a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial and Product Design. She is a UX designer. Ashlea is autistic.
  • Peter W holds a Bachelor's Degree in Physics. He is a physicist and a business owner. Peter has schizophrenia, social anxiety and autism.
  • Emma is currently finishing a Bachelor's Degree in History. They have autism.
  • David is an experienced financial consultant. He moonlights as a writer. David has Aspergers.
  • Ned is a landscape gardener by trade and dabbles in writing. He is autistic.

We also have many dyslexic, dycalculic, Tourette, ADHD, and autistic writers who give their time but remain anonymous. We pay these amazing contributors as well. You will see their words in the courses too.


  • Autumn holds a Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy, a postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and a Bachelor of Arts (Criminology/ History). She is an editor and a business owner. Autumn is autistic, dyslexic, dyscalculic and also manages her depression and anxiety.


  • Jac has formal and hands on experience working as a designer and artist. He is an illustrator in Melbourne who loves marine life. Jac is neurodiverse.
  • Affogatos holds two Degrees in Art. She is deeply inspired by Japanese art, anatomy and figure studies. She is a budding illustrator who is autistic.
  • Gideon is a 3D artist who is inspired by Dali. He has bipolar disorder.
  • Alyshah is finishing a Degree in Physics. She enjoys detailed design work. She is autistic.